Model:TCS-102, TCS-104, TCS-105, TCS-110, TCS-120S, TCS-130
The purpose of this equipment is to weld wires and permit uninterrupted operation of Wire Drawing Machine. It is also used for welding wire in case of wire breakage during operation, avoiding loss time and trouble for re-threading wire.
Description :
MODEL TCS-102 TCS-104 TCS-105 TCS-110 TCS-120S TCS-130
Motor Power 2KW 4KW 5KW 10KW 20KW 30KW
Inlet Wire dia 0.2~2.0m/m 0.8~4.0m/m 1.0~5.0m/m 4.0~9.0m/m 5.0~12m/m 8.0~20m/m


Model:Double-Face Wire Flipper  Hydraulic Wire Coil Rotating Machine
These wire supply stand mainly used for AN CHEN FA. Wire drawing machines continuously supplies wire to the drawing machine.