Model:WP-3, WP-6, WP-13
This machine is a kind of wire head and is suitable for rolling soft wire and mid-carbon wire under 13 m/m in diameter. The operation of this machine is very simple and convenient.
Model:WP-25, WP-36
This kind of revolving type pointing machine can rotate up to 90 degree. Suitable for much bigger diameter of soft steel wire, medium carbon steel wire and etc., easy to operate with wide range used.
Description :
Model WP-3 WP-6 WP-13 WP-25 WP-36
Wire Diameter 0.8-3 1.6-6 5- 13 13.5-25 24.5- 36
R.P.M 58 64 43 29 24
Power Required 1/2HP 2HP 5HP 7.5HP/ 1HP 15HP / 2HP