Wire/bar Straightening Cutting Machines are designed for straightening-measure-cutting any kinds of metal wire/bar or non - metal wire/bar such as, steel bar for construction, welding rods, netting - wire, fan netting hanger, refrigerator netting, shopping basket, shoes rack, book stand, domestic fowls cage, record stand and the other kinds of steel wire etc.
These machines are easy to operate. You just fix the adjuster of the desired length, and feed the wire/bar into the machine, then the machine automatically produce straight wire/bar of uniformed length at a high speed. Moreover, it rotates smoothly and noiselessly, precise in its measure and strong in its structure. During the operation, the feeding of wire/bar and the cutting action are ceaselessly continued by the shifting of a cutter cooperatively.
Types Power Required Wire Diameter Speed Wire Cutted
AC-K-1 1HP+1/2HP 1.5mm~3.5mm 35 m/min 6 feet
AC-K-2 1HP+2HP 3mm~6mm 35 m/min 6 feet
AC-K-3 10HP 5mm~8mm 35 m/min 10 feet
AC-K-4 2HP+20HP 7mm~12mm 35 m/min 20 feet
AC-K-5 2HP+20HP+3HP 10mm~15mm 11m/min, 22m/min
34m/min, 49m/min
20 feet