Model:NAC-S9, S12, S20, S25
The Wire Straightening & Cutting Machine utilizes the principle that the wire will be straightened while rotating at high speed and being drawn at the same time.
The machine consists of two units of straighting roller and Set-Length & Cutter seat. Metal is moved by feeding roller, straightened by straighting roller, is taken into the Set-Length & Cutter Seat by outlet Feeding Roller.
The Set-Length & Cutter Seat consists of the Threads Stripper and Cutting Arm. When Metal wires is take into inlet feeding roller and revolve the straightening roller, a Counter will count and rule the cutting rod make the Threads Stripper moved and the finished products will fall into the collector
Model Wire Diameter(m/m) Length of Wire Cut Speed(m/min) Power Required
NAC-S 9 5- 9 1M-12M 80 m/min 30HP/5HP/5HP
NAC-S 12 8- 12 1M-12M 120 m/min 40HP/15HP/7-1/2HP
NAC-S 20 12 - 16 1M-12M 80/56/38/24
NAC-S 25 16- 25 1M-12M 23 m/min 50HP/10HP/25HP
NAC-S 30 20 - 30 1M-12M 15m/min 60HP/15HP/40HP/1HP(7X)