Model YTD-600SG5/*(N)+ABCD-600G or ABCD-600B
  YTD-400SG2/*(N)+ABCD-400B or ASD-400B
The Continuous Wire Drawing Machine is a multi drum, multi-die wire drawing machine which is equipped with drawing and colling function. The drum is casted with friction resistant material. The surface is ground by spot welding and internal side treated by compulsory water cooling device. The die box is equipped with pressure die for better lubrication and equipped with water cooling device. The gears in the high speed operation with lower noise and high efficiency. The drum speed is controlled by inverter for carrying out non-section speed shift and thus, applicable for drawing steel wires, stainless steel wires, and aluminum-copper wires, etc.
Standard Series Specification :
Model YTD-600SG5/*(N)+ABCD-600G or +ABCD-600B YTD-600SG5/*(N)+ABCD-600G or +ABCD-600B
Drawing material Low, or medium carbon steel
Drawing capstan die 600 MM 600 MM
Wire inlet dia. Mild 8.0~6.5 Hard 6.5~5.5 Mild 6.5~5.5 Hard 6.5~5.5
Wire final dia. 2.4~2.0 mm 2.3~1.8 mm 1.8~1.5 mm 2.3~1.8 mm
Drawing speed (M/Min) 530~700 530~700 535~800 535~800
Power required / Block 50HP 50HP 40HP 40HP

Model YTD-600SG3/*(N)+ASD-600B YTD-600SG3/*(N)+ASD-600B
Drawing material Low carbon steel Stainless steel
Drawing capstan die 600 MM 600 MM
Wire inlet dia. Mild 6.5~5.5 Hard 6.5~5.5 6.5~5.5mm
Wire final dia. 2.0~1.65 mm 2.0~1.65 mm 2.3~2.0 mm
Drawing speed (M/Min) 400~600 535~800 200~300
Power required / Block 30HP 40HP 25HP~30HP

Model YTD-400SG2/*(N)+ABCD-400B YTD-400SG2/*(N)+ASD-400B
Drawing material Low, medium or hight carbon steel Stainless steel
Drawing capstan die 400 MM 400 MM
Wire inlet dia. Mild 3.5~3.2 Hard 3.0~2.7 2.7~2.0mm
Wire final dia. 1.1~1.0 mm 0.9~0.8 mm 1.0~0.7 mm
Drawing speed (M/Min) 600~800 600~800 Max.800
Power required / Block 25HP~30HP 25HP~30HP 25HP~20HP